iPoint Presenter

The human-computer interface (HCI) will continue to be a major challenge for the future. The iPoint Presenter is an approach that makes a lot of sense. It’s been depicted as the future of computer interaction in movies like Minority Report and could easily be imagined as the next generation Wii.

Unlike the EEG-based “mind reading” devices that I’ve discussed before, this technology could be made affordable and reliable, so it holds much more promise. Plus that, it’s very cool.

UPDATE (3/5/08):

This is HCI related anyway: University of Bremen’s Brain-Computer Interface: The future world is here. This is an interesting approach for helping the disabled. LEDs are flashed at specific frequencies which causes the visual cortex to respond in a corresponding manner. When the person looks at that one LED or another the EEG response is detected and initiates the desired activity or makes the associated selection (e.g. letters or numbers).  The communication rate is slow, but this is a realistic technique nevertheless.

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