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Healthcare IT Q&A: R.I.P.

After close to two years of effort (see here) the Healthcare IT Stack Exchange Site is closing for good. HealthCare IT is closing:

it simply does not appear that this topic has a strong enough following on our network to support the site long-term

That says it all. ūüôĀ

Finally Launched: Healthcare IT Q&A

The new Healthcare IT Stack Exchange site is now open to the public.

Hopefully this thing will take off. ¬†So go search, ask, answer, up vote, ¬†and (yes) down vote when necessary. Also, don’t forget to tell your friends and¬†colleagues.

We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers. —¬†Carl Sagan

Final Plea to Launch: Healthcare IT Q&A

Closer to Launch: Healthcare IT Q&A didn’t get close to doing the job. Even after 8 months the commitment level is still at only 60%:

It doesn’t look like Area51 has a time limit on how long a proposal can languish in the Commitment phase, but we’re going to need a lot more support to get to Beta. So go over and¬†sign up today!

Writers Writing about Writing

Jeff Atwood is a great writer. All of his blog posts are informative and interesting.

How to Write Without Writing is a case in point. ¬†It starts off with a clever hook (“trick my fellow programmers”), expounds the benefits of writing, particularly answering questions (“fun sized”) as a way to improve your communication skills. ¬†All of this is true.

The worm in the apple of course is the blatant promotion for the Writers Stack Exchange site.¬†You really can’t fault Jeff for doing this though. If you were running a venture funded business that depended on driving traffic, you’d make use of your¬†celebrity in exactly the same way.

This will hopefully not diminish the message that writing can be used as an effective vehicle to gain technical knowledge as well as being a critical professional skill.

That wasn’t as insurmountable and impenetrable¬†as I thought it was going to be.

Closer to Launch: Healthcare IT Q&A

The reverse psychology I used in Failure to Launch: Healthcare IT Q&A is finally starting to work. The question definitions are complete and the commitment phase has begun:

Go over and sign up today.

Failure to Launch: Healthcare IT Q&A

It seems like a great concept (to me anyway). Grow a community of like-minded Healthcare IT geeks that want to participate in an on-line Q&A site which rewards contribution and facilitates constructive dialog. As of today, it appears unlikely this will happen anytime soon.

Even after being endorsed on HISTalk News 6/25/10 less than 900 people have visited the site.

The attraction that programmers have for Stack Overflow just doesn’t translate for this group of professionals. I suppose it’s the nature of the business.

  1. Programming, like Food and Cooking, have a much larger audience. Since only a small percentage of the interested population will actively participate or become community leaders, the numbers game is critical.
  2. Even though Healthcare IT seems like a broad topic, the number of non-subjective questions that could be asked is probably fairly limited.  The .NET Framework and bread recipes have tons of facts.
  3. Maybe HIT experts are a shy bunch?¬† The activity level also seems surprising low on Chris Paton’s Health Informatics Forum site which has over 4000 members.

Anyway, it’s really too bad there isn’t a way for a site like this to gain traction. It would be a valuable HIT resource if it could get off the ground.



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