Digital Devices and EHRs: the ROI

Here’s a piece that provides a quick analysis of the ROI of having vital signs and ECG devices connected to an EMR:

Digital Devices and EHRs — Perfect Together

The right way to do it:

Electronic transfer of patient information

Electronic transfer of BP and heart rate

Electronic recording of test

MD views results from anywhere

DONE — half the steps, half the time

Ah, if it were only that easy.

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  • I think someone is a little guilty of oversimplification… or hasn’t had to run the process too many times on her own… There are definitely major benefits to EHRs and other behavioral health software, but it’s not quite that easy. Data portability and ease of access is the primary benefit of EHRs, for many, efficiency doesn’t seem to be there strongest point. They’ll get there though…

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